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I have been involved in Rottweilers since 1988, got my first show puppy in 1993, and bred my first litter in 1998. My focus is on limited breeding of healthy and sound dogs, and I average a litter every year or two. All dogs considered for or used in my breeding program will be tested for OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac, and CERF. The link at the bottom of the page can be used to verify health clearances.

It takes a LOT more than a website and a couple of purchased dogs to have a breeding program - I am now on my 5th generation, and have set goals and principles. Health, temperament, and soundness come before show wins, and I breed to the AKC standard - not always to what is winning at the moment. Working towards a sound pedigree of healthy dogs for the future of the breed is important.

If you may be interested in making an Eigenstate dog part of your family, please see the Planned Litters page for information, requirements, a contract example, and a downloadable puppy questionnaire. A dog is a lifelong commitment, whether for show, work, or just companionship. If you are not looking for a show or working prospect, please consider adopting from Rottie Aid - there are so many wonderful dogs that need loving homes, and committed volunteers that will help you find the best companion for your situation.

A great dog is also the product of great owners - I am grateful to all the owners and co-owners who have trained, showed and titled my dogs!

Eigenstate is Home to:

Major pointed (both) Eigenstate's Guiding Light
Born Apr'06 - Photo at 3.5 years
CH Eigenstate's Audacious Artos CD, RE, CS, RTD,CGC
 x BOSS CH Eigenstate's Encore HT, PT, TT


Just getting out to start her show career in 2009,
due to other personal demands

Back to back majors at BVKC in July...only singles to go!!!
3rd Open Bitch MHRC 10

3rd AmBred MHRC 08 (helped mom win Brood with Plato)
11 (yes, 11!!) Major reserves and multiple BBE class wins

Normally owner-handled...but she has me figured out! She is THE smartest dog in my house, has a mind of her own, and just won't be still for me in the ring. She has been selectively shown by a handler for a few shows this year...

Luna does like working on obedience, so maybe that is what we will do together after her puppies go home late summer...



Luna was bred to Mult BISS Select CH Evrmor's U R The One CD (CHIC clear) via frozen semen. Two beautiful baby girls born 29 July 2010...see them here.

Eigenstate's Icon
Born Feb'08 - Photo at 1 year
CH Arres Wildwind Rain All Over CDX, working Service Dog
 x BOSS CH Eigenstate's Encore HT, PT, TT

Conner will not be shown in conformation, and just turned 2 in Feb. My husband just loves this VERY big goofy boy - his nickname is Galoot :)

Hopefully we will get him out to do some working titles - he has an amazing work ethic without being overly driven - wonderfully steady but very eager to please. He'll get the 'snip' soon. Since he is almost big enough to be a pony (hey - I always wanted a pony!) we plan to start carting with him next summer.

After losing our big boy Bravo last March, Galoot has found a place in our hearts, even though he was not supposed to stay...





Eigenstate's Inspiration
Born Feb'08 - Photo at 1 year
CH Arres Wildwind Rain All Over CDX, working Service Dog
 x BOSS CH Eigenstate's Encore HT, PT, TT

She has only been to two shows, has 6 UKC points, and just turned 2 in Feb, but keeps us plenty busy at home! I have decided that Clio is available to a good, loving home - no hurry on placing her, but if the right home comes along...





EL/CERF/CA - left hip good,right hip MILD (CHIC)


~Rainbow Bridge~
Wonderful dogs who have shared our lives...always missed

Select CH Vom Hochfeld's Seminole Wind CD, HIC, CGC
ARC Gold Dam

Born Oct'95 - Photo at 4 years
BIS/BISS CH Jade Hagen Kodiac CDX x
DerFruchtwald Gem V Hochfeld

Our beautiful Bunny  passed of lymphoma at the age of 12.

#1 Bitch 1997 - TRQ system
#4 Bitch 1997 - ARC System
ARC Top Twenty 1997
Showsight Top 15 1997
Select 1998 ARC National
3 times BOSS winner
AOM Medallion RC 1997
Group Winner - 10 Group Placements

#8 Bitch 1999 - TRQ system

Always Owner-handled

OFA Excellent/EL/CA/CERF  (CHIC)

Morgan is the proud mother of the
A Litter(8) - 4 CH's, 3 CD, 1 CDX, 2 PT, 2 HT, 2 HS, more!
B Litter(9) - 4 CH's, 1 ptd, 2 CD, 2 HT, 2 PT
C Litter(2) - 1 CH, 1 CDX, 1HT, 1 PT

V-rated CH Eigenstate's Accolade CD, HT, PT, HSAs, CGC
Born Jan'98 - Photo at 2.5 years
A/C CH Farwest's Arizona TD, PT
x Select CH Vom Hochfeld's Seminole Wind CD, HIC, CGC

My Sweet Layda passed of osteosarcoma at the age of 11.5.

Won the Brood Bitch class at the 2005 ARC Nationals (12 entered)
Multiple Veteran and Brood Bitch specialty winsBOS in veteran sweeps MHRC 06
BOB and Mult BOS over top specials
Top 10 Herding through Oct 04 - three trials, 1st/2nd/2nd
V-rated from working class at post ARC Sieger show 2003

Monthly top 10 six times in 2001
2nd BBE ARC Natl 1999
Many Specialty placements
4 Sweepstakes class wins


Layda is the proud mother of the
D litter(3) - Stella, Nally, Dexter
E litter(6) - 3 CH's, HT, PT, 1 ptd
F litter(1) - Lyza

BOSS CH Eigenstate's Encore HT, PT, TT

Born Dec'02 - Photo at 6 years
Sieger, BIS/BISS A/C CH Nighthawk's QuiteTheMan V Wyndhurst RE, BH,HIC,CGC
 x V-rated CH Eigenstate's Accolade CD, HT, PT, HSAs,CGC


My heart may forever be broken, even after six months I can't look at her beloved June-bug passed the end of April at 7.5 years old. We believe from complications from mammary cancer.

1st in Brood Bitch MHRC 2008
BOSS at MHRC 2007

Multiple BOB winner over top ten male specials
Several months in top 10 - very limited showing

Finished with 2 5-pt majors
4 pt major from BBE at Rocky Mt Classic at 14 mos

Best Puppy and Puppy Group  1 at 10 months
Major Reserve at 7 months (her first show!)

VP-rated at Sieger show ARC national week at 4 mos

I miss you so!


Juno is the proud mother of the
G litter(9) - 2 CH, 2 Maj Ptd, 1 RN
I litter(7) - Thunder, Sherman, Reign, Connor, Tilly, Tika, Clio


Ripley at 3 years

V-Rated CH Autrey's Believe It Ot Not HIC, CGC

CH Kelsey's Kanon V Krugerrand CD, HIC x
Eva Autrey V Lukegaroo

Miss Bizz passed quietly in her sleep at the age of 10.

BOB and Mult BOS winner
Has won over top 10 specials
Mult Specialty placements
Mult Sweepstakes placements
Specialed only 5 weekends

Always Owner-handled
Photo at 3.5 years

OFA Excellent/EL/CA/CERF

Despite several attempts over 4 years,
Ripley never had any puppies :(

Merlin at 3 years

AKC Ptd V-Rated Wizard of Camelot V Hochfeld CD, HIC, CGC
Born Sep'93 - Photo at 3.5 years
CH Kelsey's Kanon V Krugerrand CD, HIC x
DerFruchtwald Gem V Hochfeld

Our beloved Merly-Man passed of liver/lung cancer at the age of 12.

BOS over specials/AKC pointed
Mult Specialty placements
ARC Reg Sweeps placment
Broken leg at age 2

Sire of 1 CH and multiple specialty placers
(out of only 4 kids showing, 9 total sired)

3 Stud dog placements at specialties


Merlin is available to OFA and heart cleared
bitches of quality - frozen semen only.

Merlin is the sire of:
Eigenstate's D litter (3) - Stella, Nally, Dexter
Vom Hochfeld's "dance" litter (6)
- 1 CH, 1 V1 @ ARC Seiger show

Eigenstate's Bravisimo HT, PT
Born Mar'99 - Photo at 14 months
BISS CH Gamegards Quiet Man V Lynos HT x
Select CH Vom Hochfeld's Seminole Wind CD, HIC, CGC

We let Bravo go on 3/1 - he passed of osteosarcoma just shy of 11.

Amazing temperament and conformation...but had an anterior crossbite (interlocking incisors), so was never shown or bred :(

Bravo is a big, sweet boy - just wonderful to live with. Out of all Morgan's puppies, he had the very image of his mother's kind soul and intense devotion.




CA/CERF (hips and elbows not done)